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mnoGoSearch Technical Support

Your messages to discussion list and webboard will be dealt with as soon as possible at no charge.

You may also take a look into the Bug Tracking System to read about currently know bugs. If you found a bug in mnoGoSearch products please feel free to submit a new bug report. This is also a good place to submit feature requests. Please let us know which features you'd like to see in the future mnoGoSearch releases.

If you can't get an answer for you question from our webboards, mailing lists, bug system, or need help in installing or configuring our software, please consider ordering commercial support programs. We offer 30-day, 3-month and annual support services.

Types of Support

Primary e-mail support USD 90 per month
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USD 250 per three months
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USD 950 per annum
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Primary support includes 3 hours of work for the support team, which is usually enough for 10 support issues.

With Primary support you can get answers to all your mnoGoSearch related questions from our skilled support team which consists of the developers who code mnoGoSearch.

Support team will respond to your e-mail within one business day (see days off for exceptions).

Extended support USD 599 per month
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USD 1700 per three months
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USD 6500 per annum
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Extended monthly support program includes 20 support hours and unlimited number of support issues. Three-month and annual programs include 20 hours each month.

Extended support is available for Unix users and additionally includes:

  • Your e-mail will receive stronger consideration and faster response time.
  • Installation service: Upon your request we will install mnoGoSearch software on your server and configure it according to your requirements.
  • System customization: We will customize the system according to proper mnoGoSearch functionality requirements, including installation and configuration of the prerequisite products, e.g. database software, HTTP server software, etc.
  • Custom development: You can order development of a feature which does not currently present in mnoGoSearch and we'll add it into the next release.
  • Regular updates: mnoGoSearch software is in rapid development. New features and bug fixes are released on a regular basis. Regular Updates will automatically keep your system up-to-date during the subscription period. As soon as new version of mnoGoSearch is released, you'll be notified via e-mail. After confirmination that you would like to receive an update, our experts will log in to your system and update the software.

Days off

We reserve a right to have 20 business days off within a calendar year, for vacation (usually not more than 10 business days off per quarter). During days offs support service won't be available.

Support users will be notified about upcoming days off two weeks prior to anticipated service interruption lasting more than three days.

Monthly support users will have their contracts automatically extended to cover any and all days off taken during the support month.


Do you still have questions? Please contact our support team.

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