GroupBySite -- enables grouping search results by site



GroupBySite {yes | no | rank}


GroupBySite defines whether to group search results by site.

If GroupBySite is set to yes, then mnoGoSearch presents only a single document (with the highest score) from every site and adds a "More results from this site (nnn total)" link, were nnn is the number of documents found on the given site. If you click this link, mnoGoSearch will present all the nnn documents found on this site.

If GroupBySite is set to rank, then mnoGoSearch presents all found documents, without site grouping (the same document set which would be returned by GroupBySite no), but sorted in a special way. Score of every document is additionally divided by the rank of this document in its site. So score for the best document on a site is not changed, score of the second best document from the same site is divided by 2, score of the third best document from the same site is divided by 3, and so on. This GroupBySite mode effectively displays on the highest positions the documents which would be returned by GroupBySite yes (i.e. the best documents for every site found), and then appends the other documents from different sites intermixed. This mode prevents displaying of multiple documents from the same site successively and thus gives a chance for all found sites to be presented on the top result pages.

Grouping results by site can also be activated using the GroupBySite parameter in the search query string. However, if you specify GroupBySite in search.htm, the query string parameter is ignored, i.e. the command specified in search.htm has higher precedence other the search query parameter.

The default value is no.


GroupBySite yes

See also

MaxDocPerSite, the Section called Search parameters in Chapter 11.