ResultsLimit -- sets the maximum number of results displayed



ResultsLimit {limit}


ResultsLimit limits the number of results displayed to the user.

When ResultsLimit is set to a positive number, the last result the user can navigate to is limited to the given number. For example, when ResultsLimit is 1000, the user won't be able to navigate farther than page 100 assuming the default page size of 10.

Use 0 if you need unlimited number of results.

Note: The $(total) template variable still displays the real total number of the documents found.

This kind of limiting makes sense because a real person usually does not browse through too many pages, only bots and spiders do. ResultsLimit prevents the search server from being loaded by bots, spiders and attackers.

The default value is 1000.


ResultsLimit takes global effect for the entire configuration file and should be used only one time.


ResultsLimit 5000

See also

GroupBySite, the Section called Search parameters in Chapter 10.